After overdosing for the 6th time, the doctors, the family, and the friends, decided it was best if Adam never heard about Eve again. …

When we met, we were in a semi-crowded bar with the lights dim down low. I was searching frantically for someone to connect with. Just so I wouldn’t be left standing, alone and empty. She caught my eye as if I’ve met her before, from a place somewhere across the…

The phone rings. He picks up.

“Dog, I want to do it,” screams Jacob through the telephone line.

“Shit.” He responds.

Jacob’s demons during this time of his life are drugs. Heroin to be exact.

The needle is prep, the rubber band tied, the veins popping, he’s close.

“Wait, wait…


As he inspected my arms, my hands, my chin, he sighed to me, “You are so perfect. Why couldn’t I have met you sooner?”

“I don’t think you would have liked me,” I told him, as he held me in his arms. …

Jesus Bazan

This is my writing. Ever evolving, forever changing. Open for criticism but also praise :) Everything and nothing

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