After overdosing for the 6th time, the doctors, the family, and the friends, decided it was best if Adam never heard about Eve again. Being fully aware that whatever news, updates, or thoughts of Eve, would send Adam into a downward spiral that would take his life, everyone decided to keep a secret away from Adam.

Waking up from the hospital, the luminescent lights blinding, the first thoughts however, which entered Adam’s head was where’s Eve?

A man is sitting in a chair at the edge of Adam’s bed. “Hello,” says the man.

“Uh hi? Yo, are you the doctor?” Adam musters out, still exhausted from the battle of waking up.

“No son, I’m a priest.”

Taken back, surprised. Why the hell is a priest here?

“Okay, well I’m not religious, so where’s my doctor.”

“He’ll be here shortly. I’m here to talk.”

“Talk about what, I’m not really in the mood to talk, I kinda just want to see my girl.”

“Well…. she’s… across the wing, I’ve just came from her room. I think we should talk about her.”

A chuckle.

“Talk about what? What’s there even to talk about, are you here to try to get me on this “right path.” I’m on a right path, my own path, I like how we live, we’re happy and we don’t need nothing, especially not God.”

“I’m here to tell you that I think you should let her go. What you two is not good for you. Look I’ve talked to your family and your friends. They love you, and they want you around, and you and Eve weren’t good for each other.”

“How the fuck would you know? You don’t even know us.”

“I,” biting his tongue, recalling all the pleading and begging Adam’s family gave him prior to him waking up, “just talked to her and she agrees with me. She thinks you’re better off without her.

“What? You’re making that shit up. Not Eve, she loves me!”

“It’s what she wanted.”

But Adam is already filled with rage and quickly lunges, but luckily the straps employed to detain him worked to keep him in bed.

“I think it’s best if you forget her. Security!”

Nurses rush in and sedate the deranged Adam. He quickly falls asleep, dreaming of Eve.

The next 14 days, while Adam detoxes, family and friends come visit. They each share a testimonial of how they feel about Adam. How they want him to get better and no longer want him to think about Eve or of drugs. Eve’s family comes too, however everyone is fighting back tears and everyone avoids any talk of Eve.

As the days go by, the idea grows that maybe Adam and Eve shouldn’t be together. Surviving 6 overdoses were lucky, but can they get lucky again. Each passing day, Adam begins to accept that he can no longer know of anything about Eve, as if she no longer existed on this planet.

On the 21th day, the priest comes back, Adam is ready to be discharged and they share one last conversation.

“How are you?” the priest.

“Good, a bit empty.” Adam.

“21 days clean, that’s a pretty big step, you know it takes 28 days for something to become a habit. You’re almost there. Plus we’ll fill you up with something else.”

“How is Eve doing?”

“You know we can’t talk about that, you can’t go back to thinking about her.

“I know but I just want to know if she’s okay.”

“Listen, do you love her.”

Not understanding fully the question, Adam replies.

“I do.”

“Then you need to let her go, it’s for the best.”

“But I just want to see her, just one last time. Is she on the other wing as well?”

“You can’t see her.”

“Then can you tell me if she’s okay?”

Stuck, thinking, agony, the priest replies. “She’s okay.”

“Good, I want her to always be okay.” Tears streaming down from Adam’s face.

“Come on, your family is waiting for you outside the hospital, a new life awaits.”

They walk and keep walking. Adam looks back, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone so special to him, but nothing. As Adam exits he’s welcomed by hugs and tears and only love.

Back in the hospital, down the hall, underneath the luminescent lights, there is an empty room. No one is there. Eve has been dead for 21 days now.

This is my writing. Ever evolving, forever changing. Open for criticism but also praise :) Everything and nothing